New iPad Coming In March, But No ‘iPad 3’ Until Q3 of 2012?

New iPad Coming In March, But No ‘iPad 3’ Until Q3 of 2012?

Rumours have surfaced suggesting that Apple will not release a fully upgraded iPad 3 until Q3 of 2012. According to Digitimes, Apple will be launching a new iPad this March, but it will not be the full upgrade that many would have expected – instead it will only be thinner and have increased battery life.

Features expected on a fully upgraded iPad include a Retina display, an upgraded camera, and even potentially the implementation of Siri. But it seems like this won’t be happening for a while, especially as Apple’s suppliers are reportedly struggling to produce enough of the displays for an early 2012 release.

The question will then arise as to whether it is worth waiting for the fully upgraded iPad 3, instead of buying the “iPad 2S”. It will all depend on what features each has, as well as the price. The “iPad 2S” could potentially be a lot cheaper than an “iPad 3”.



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