Review: Pad & Quill Little Black Book For iPhone 4/4S

Review: Pad & Quill Little Black Book For iPhone 4/4S

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We’ve taken a look at a number of Pad & Quill’s products in the past, including the Contega & Octavo for iPad. Pad & Quill has just released an excellent new product to their line – Little Black Book for iPhone 4 & 4S ($45, link). We’ll put it to task and see if it holds up to standards set by its larger brothers.


Pad & Quill specializes in producing stylish leather-bound cases for Apple devices and other products using traditional bookbinding techniques. The result is a visually stunning case that adds some flair to your gear, and makes it look and feel much more like an old-fashioned book.

What’s In The Box?

One thing I love about Pad & Quill is the minimalism of their packaging. Rather than developing retail packaging, Pad & Quill’s handmade products are shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, which is then dropped straight into the shipping box.

The packaging includes the product itself, as well as an extra set of rubber grips and a short brochure about how to use and care for your product – and that’s it! No unnecessary boxes or plastic blister packs.

Quality, Design

As with all of Pad & Quill’s products, design is a strong focus in the Little Black Book. The case is very solidly build and can handle drops, the leather is durable and capable of withstanding a great deal of wear, and the design is both simple and beautiful. The case also includes an inner sleeve for holding cash or cards, making it useful as a wallet as well.

The one thing I was disappointed about is that the included Moleskine-like plastic strap does not completely cover the back camera hole, as with their iPad 2 cases, although this is likely due to the iPhone 4S containing a camera flash, making the hole considerably larger than the one found in their iPad cases.

It’s also worth considering that this case does add a bit of bulk to your iPhone, more than doubling its thickness, but for an executive-style case suitable to place in a suit pocked and bring to a business meeting, thinness isn’t necessarily a paramount issue. While the case doesn’t sit as confortable in a jeans pocket as some other cases, the quality and durability of the product is worth the extra bulk in my opinion.


Pad & Quill’s Little Black Book is a simple, durable case suited for both casual and professional use. The case is a solid contender among executive-style cases, and while it does add some bulk to your device, and isn’t as comfortable to stick in the pocket of your jeans, it is nevertheless a durable and well-designed product.

Rating & Information

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Considering this case’s merits, and contrasting them with its few minor concerns, I award the Little Black Book a 4.5 out of 5, as well as my personal recommendation. The Little Black Book isn’t necessarily for everyone, especially those looking for a slim case to slim in the pocket of their jeans, but works well for casual or professional needs where extreme slimness isn’t a concern.

To read more, or to purchase the Little Black Book for iPhone 4 and 4S ($45, link), visit Pad & Quill’s product page on the net. The Little Black Book is also available without a pocket for the iPod touch at a cost of $40.


Gorgeous, leather bound, and made by hand
Sustainable, made from natural materials
Affordable, coming in at just $45
Lightweight, and gives full access to all ports
Looks great in meetings, and at formal or semi-formal occasions


It is a bit bulky – definately sticks out more in my pocket
Dropping it with the iPhone in can scuff the leather
The elastic strap on the back doesn’t cover the camera hole

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