Review: Rokform Rokbed Case for iPhone 4 & 4S

Review: Rokform Rokbed Case for iPhone 4 & 4S

Rokform, a division of Two Brothers Racing,  is where “technology meets motorsports.” Their moniker is confirmed by their products which are machined out of a single block of 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum.  Clearly utilizing an intense attention to detail, Rokform has produced several products, three of which make up a series of the next reviews (Desktop Rokstand, Folding Rockstand, Rokbed).

Ending the Rokform review series, the Rokbed iPhone case is the perfect addition to the Rokstand product line.

Just to confirm, the case is also machined from the same, high quality aluminum as the Rokform iPhone stands.  Perfectly engineered and precisely cut, the Rokbed fits the iPhone 4/4S amazingly well.  There is no wiggle-room once the case is screwed in place and the aluminum exo-skeleton provides a solid feel without adding bulk to your pocket.  The side walls surrounding the phone stick out far enough to give screen clearance on the front and back, allowing the phone to be placed down on either side.  The frame is also open on the top and bottom, which gives ample access to the headphone jack and 30 pin dock port on the bottom.  Having forgone the drop-test, I am certain the phone would survive a pretty nasty fall in this frame.

The best part about the Rokbed is how wonderfully it sits in the Desktop and Folding Rokstands, also made by Rokform.  The two accessories were actually made to fit together.  There is a sunken part of the stand where the phone is cradled that is cut to perfectly accommodate the Rokbed.  The aluminum of the two products portrays an impressive eye-feast when placed together.  The craftsmanship speaks for itself.  This is case is for the rough user that has a taste for design.


  • Solid construction
  • Complete aluminum design
  • Only two pieces and they screw together
  • Fits perfectly with Rokform stands


  • Some customers experience a loss of signal reception.  I experienced this with my CDMA iPhone 4
  • Price

You can grab a one of these elegant and sturdy cases on the Rokform website ($79.00, Rokbed) or check out the giveaway information listed below.  Either way, you are going to enjoy the product.  It is well worth the cost.