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Apple Suing Samsung Over ‘Copycat’ Case Designs

Apple Suing Samsung Over ‘Copycat’ Case Designs

Apple is once again at Samsung’s throat, and is now suing Samsung over their “Smart Case” – a case that is suspiciously similar to Apple’s own Smart Cover. Like the Smart Cover, Samsung’s case is designed to protect the front of their devices, and features a very similar appearance to Apple’s product.

The above picture shows Samsung’s Smart Case, which as you can see is essentially a dead ringer for Apple’s own iPad 2 Smart Cover. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference, making Samsung’s design a seemingly blatant ripoff of Apple’s popular iPad 2 cover.

As Bloomberg reports, Apple is pursuing the lawsuit, claiming that Samsung has copied the design, as well as the look and feel of Apple’ own product, and violates Apple’s patents as a result:

Apple Inc. claims Samsung Electronics Co.’s cases for Galaxy 10.1 computer tablets and Samsung phones infringe its patents. Apple said it sued Samsung at a hearing in Sydney today.

Samsung’s Smart Case was pulled from shelves earlier this year after massive media outcry over its remarkable similarities to Apple’s product, and as attention to the legal case between Apple and Samsung began to heat up.