Fake Driver’s License App Pulled From App Store

Fake Driver’s License App Pulled From App Store

A fake U.S. driver’s license creator has been pulled from the App Store, reports AppleInsider. The app, from Drivers Ed, allowed you to insert a photo into driving license templates from all 50 states.

The app had been on the store for over two years, and the Coalition for Secure Driver’s License took the opportunity to criticize Apple for how long it took them to remove it.

Once you had inserted your photo and customized the details on the license, you could email it, then laminate it to potentially make a fake ID.

Brian Zimmer, president of the coalition, had this to say about the app:

“Apple should have had measures in place to prevent the ‘License’ application from ever making it to the App Store. Apple Corporation’s lack of action to pull this application to pull this application when I first notified them in April, 2011, of its risk to public safety was dismaying.”