Flipboard’s iPhone App has Tripled Page Flips in The First Week

Flipboard’s iPhone App has Tripled Page Flips in The First Week

Flipboard’s new iPhone app (free, App Store link) has been downloaded a million times in the week since it has been available. The app has “tripled” page flips over the what Flipboard was previously seeing with its iPad only app, says paidContent reporter Robert Andrews.

Flipboard’s iPad app was registering around 650 million page flips per month. The new iPhone app has brought that to a projected two billion flips per month.

Andrews writes:

The industry is coming to acknowledge the iPad is seeing long engagement times and high engagement behaviour from users, because it is considered a leanback device. But Flipboard designed its mobile app to serve up quick-hit content for on-the-go users.

The iPhone app, which also works on the iPod Touch, has tripled engagement, Flipboard says. The iPhone version is seeing more flips than the iPad app. This really isn’t surprising, as the larger iPad screen can show multiple article summaries on a page, and the smaller screen of the iPhone can only show one per page, requiring iPhone users to flip more.

It is still noteworthy that iPhone page flips outnumber the iPad count 2 to 1. It’s believed the ratio will increase as the installed iPhone base continues to grow.


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