Google Releases Chrome 16 With Multiple Account Support

Google Releases Chrome 16 With Multiple Account Support

Keeping up its rapid development pace, Google has announced the release of the final stable version of Chrome 16 today. The update features multiple account support, enabling multiple users to share a browser, but keep their bookmarks, extensions, and web apps separate.

In addition to separating such content between users, the account sign in will also sync each user’s content from device to device, so whether you’re at a university, a public library, or at your own home computer, you’ll always have your Google Chrome settings just the way you like them.

Chrome 16 is available immediately for Mac, Windows and Linux, and Chrome 17 (which will be focused mainly on speed) is expected to arrive by early February.


  1. Mark says:

    I have been using the experimental version of this feature for a few weeks now, it is great being able to use multiple Google profiles in multiple Windows! I have a work, personal and YouTube profile (three Google accounts).

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