How to Track Santa on your iOS Device

How to Track Santa on your iOS Device

Wanna know how Santa’s coming along with all those gifts tonight? NORAD shares how you can use Google Maps on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad (and other platforms, of course) to keep track of the big guy tonight!

NORAD and Google have made things very easy this year. All you have to do to track Santa from your iOS device is launch Google Maps (or go to from your browser) and type “Santa” in the search box, and you’ll be given the latest data on Santa’s location.

You can even see a photo of Santa’s current location by clicking the blue arrow next to the location on your iOS device. Or, to track Santa on your PC or Mac, just go to and use the built-in web app. That’s all there is too it!

Happy Santa tracking, and have a merry Christmas!

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