Now Samsung is Copying Apple’s iPad Ads as Well

Now Samsung is Copying Apple’s iPad Ads as Well

As the legal struggle between Samsung and Apple continues to rage on across the globe (with Apple claiming that Samsung “slavishly” copied the iPad), Samsung is at it once again, this time copying the look and feel of Apple’s iPad ads.

The ad has so far only been produced in Korean, but definitely appears to take strong cues from Apple’s own advertising style, placing an emphasis on a more personal connection with the user. This follows a recent series of ads in which Samsung pokes fun of Apple users for waiting in line to buy iPhones. MacRumors provides the following rough translation for the ad:

You try to have fun with me, you try to win against me, you ask me millions of questions, you sit on my lap, you want to stay beside me all the time, strangely, when I stay with you time passes very quickly. This is a precious time.

Several of Apple’s iPad adds are extremely similar, including Love, Learn, and “We’ll Always.” Samsung has even hired the same child actor used in Apple’s iPad adds to fully complete their plagiarism!

It seems that Samsung really isn’t helping their case. And this is far from the only instance of Samsung “borrowing” from Apple, including using Apple’s screenshots to market their own phones, blatantly copying Apple’s smart cover, and pilfering Apple’s icons for a promotional “app wall,” just to name a few.

While this isn’t quite as blatant as many of Samsung’s other borrowed ideas, it is fascinating to see Samsung continue to promote their products by directly referencing and even imitating Apple’s products.

Come on, Samsung. You aren’t Apple. Not even close. Why not come up with an original idea for once?