Sonic CD Comes to iOS (At Last!)

Sonic CD Comes to iOS (At Last!)

Ever since Sega announced Sonic CD for iOS in August, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release like a child on Christmas Eve, and now the moment has arrived – Sonic CD is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ($1.99, App Store link)!

In order to put an end to Dr. Eggman’s nefarious schemes, Sonic must use the power of Little Planet to travel through time; breaking Dr. Eggman’s hold over the future by destroying his machines in the past and recovering the missing Time Stones!

Featuring Retina Display, achievements, leaderboards and both the US and Japanese soundtracks, experience the epic adventure through time that introduced the world to Amy Rose and Eggman’s most evil creation, Metal Sonic.

The game is available now for $1.99 to celebrate the launch, but will soon increase to $4.99. The game is also universal, designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I recommend grabbing it now before the price increases – I know I will ($1.99, App Store link)!