Apple Working on Aperture for iOS?

Apple Working on Aperture for iOS?

Those of you that have used and appreciated Apple’s Aperture photo editing and management software on the Mac may be interested to note that Apple may be planning to make an iOS version of the app.

Mike Beasley notes that Apple has posted a very interesting job opening that suggests a possible mobile version of Aperture coming in the future:

Apple has listed a job opening for a Senior Apps UI Engineer with requirements including experience in programming for iOS, but with exactly zero mentions of Mac OS on the entire page. What makes this listing interesting is that it specifically states that the opening is on the Aperture team. This isn’t the first time Apple has posted a listing for an Aperture developer with iOS experience, but it is the first time that iOS development skills have been listed as a requirement, rather than a preferred skill.

Could Apple be planning a spiffy new mobile version of Aperture to take advantage of the iPad 3’s rumored high-resolution Retina display? Apple has already brought GarageBand and iMovie to the iPad, so it’s not too far fetched to suggest that Aperture might be next.

We pointed out in May of 2011 that Apple had been awarded some patents detailing Aperture running on a tablet-like device, so the fact that the company has posted an official job listing seems to reinforce the idea.

This is far from a confirmation, and could be years down the road (or not happen at all), but it nevertheless brings up some very exciting possibilities.