Latest Samsung Phone Rips Off iPhone 3G Design

Latest Samsung Phone Rips Off iPhone 3G Design

Samsung has revolutionized the copycat industry once again with yet another shameless ripoff of Apple’s designs. Following their groundbreaking ripoffs of the iPad 2 Smart Cover, the iPod Touch, the iOS home screen interface, Apple’s iPad advertisements, iOS screenshots and more (much, much more), Samsung has now decided to rip off the iPhone 3G/3GS as well.

The latest Samsung “me too” product shows the company reevaluating their strong copycat roots to come up with even more blatant forms of plagiarism. As illustrated by the above image, allow me to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (as pointed out by Macgasm).

Since they’ve already ripped off most of Apple’s current products, the Galaxy Ace Plus illustrates Samsung’s new direction – ripping off previous Apple products! The Galaxy Ace Plus is an entry-level phone that looks suspiciously similar to the iPhone 3G.

Although this article is satirical, sadly Samsung’s design plagiarism is not. It’s unclear whether they actually think they’re being original, or whether they just don’t care, but it’s pretty obvious, not only given this product, but Samsung’s previous Apple-like releases, that the Korean company is in fact copying Apple, and is unlikely to stop any time soon.

Will Samsung’s next printer look like the Apple LaserWriter? Only the future will tell, but I for one would be utterly unsurprised. Check out the official press release for more details.