Review: Kicks for iPad by Bluelounge

Review: Kicks for iPad by Bluelounge

Award winning design studio Bluelounge designed Kicks for iPad to prevent scratching the iPad’s aluminum unibody. Bluelounge, who also introduced the MiniDock, prides itself on “forward design aesthetic,” which is derived from interest in art and architecture. To that end, the Kicks are an expression of minimalistic and elegant iPad protection. Offering protection while maintaining the beauty and elegance of an Apple product is the goal of many companies; however, many design studios fall short of their goal. Bluelounge is not one of those companies.

Design and Usability

The Kicks are long enough to run the full length of the iPad from top to bottom and are about as wide as your pinky finger. The pair of small, thin silicon-rubber rails offer a sturdy and grippy face to keep the iPad from sliding on any surface (let’s assume it is relatively flat). Utilizing a 3M Damage-Free adhesive, the Kicks can be removed without leaving a sticky residue on your iPad. Most importantly, the adhesive is not a one-and-done opportunity. While you will get two pair of Kicks with your order, you can take them off and re-apply them, as long as you are careful to keep dust off the 3M adhesive. To prevent dusty build-up, I recommend storing them in the tray in which they are shipped if you want to use them later.


The silicon-rubber construction holds up well under everyday use, especially if you are easy on your iPad. The Kicks are easy to remove, but will not come off unless you intentionally desire to remove them. Although the aluminum body of the iPad is elegant, even a small amount of dust can scratch the surface, leaving hairline scarring on the back of your unit over time. The Kicks elevate the iPad above the dusty surface but do not hide your device in a barrage of leather, plastic, or more aluminum to offer protection.

One distinct disadvantage to the Kicks is their inability to protect the edges of the iPad. When placing anything flat onto another flat surface, the natural tendency is to put the edge down first, then lay down the item. Because the Kicks are mounted on the back, unless you intentionally lay the iPad down on the Kick rail first, you may scratch the edge of the iPad. However, assuming you would even consider any minimalistic protection for your iPad, I am sure you are already very careful with your devices and this may not be an issue.

Conclusion [rating 5/5]

If you are a fan of going naked with your gadgets, which I am, this is the best protection for you. I highly recommend the Kicks ($11.95, link) to anyone that is careful with their device and loves to show off their iPad. The Kicks allow you to feel and use the iPad the way it was intended, while still offering just enough protection. I will be using the Kicks from this point forward, and when I want to put my iPad in a case for extended travel, the Kicks come off and will be reapplied when I return.


  • Can be applied over and over
  • 2 PAIR per order!
  • Leave your iPad naked
  • Silicon-rubber grips surfaces
  • Minimalist, refined look and design
  • Does not leave residue when removed
  • Cheap! (which I rarely get to list as a positive)
  • Compatible with the Apple Smart Cover


  • Does not offer edge to edge protection


I recommend keeping an eye on Bluelounge as they have a complete lineup of excellent and well designed products. To monitor and interact, follow @bluelounge on Twitter.