Mountain Lion Will No Longer Support Older Graphics Chips

Mountain Lion Will No Longer Support Older Graphics Chips

Here’s some bad news for Apple users with older machines: the new release of OS X, Mountain Lion, will no longer support the Intel GMA x3100 chip or the Intel GMA 950, MacGeneration reports.

So if you don’t have either an iMac later than mid-2007, a Mac Pro from at least early 2008 or any computer with a newer graphics chip, it looks like Lion will be the last possible Mac OS you can run.

I for one will have to upgrade as I only have a x1300 chip, and it will be interesting to see what others do who have the same problem. Will they even bother to upgrade the hardware or will they manage with Lion 10.7?

  1. Jutta says:

    Oh fuck! Where is the dislike button?

  2. Play me off keyboard cat says:

    Greeat, it’s puma again :/ I think OSX is running out of cats

    1. ingua2 says:

      naming an OS after cats was a dumb Jobs idea anyways.  

  3. Earwig says:

    Welp, probably the last os upgrade for my old 2007 MBP

  4. Cp says:

    And I just upgraded a MacMini 2006 with a 2.2 ghz Intel Core Duo…

    1. ingua2 says:

      doesn’t sound like an upgrade really.

  5. jescott418 says:

    If you think about it. This is not only a great way to keep advancing technology by not supporting legacy hardware. But Apple benefits from users having to buy new Apple Mac’s in order to run their latest Operating system. Meanwhile Windows users are running a supported OS Windows XP for a decade without a problem? Talk about two opposite ways of supporting a ecosystem. So basically it boils down to Apple = frequent upgrades, Microsoft = legacy support. This is why Enterprise like Windows. 

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