Siri: ‘I Speak Japanese’

Siri: ‘I Speak Japanese’

Siri herself has now admitted than she can speak  Japanese, despite not having been confirmed officially by Apple, 9to5Mac reports. Earlier rumors suggested that Siri might learn Mandarin, Japanese and Russian, but it now seems that Apple is preparing to officially announce the addition of Japanese to Siri’s language inventory.

Furthermore, Apple’s Siri FAQ details some of the languages that will be added later on in 2012:

Language Support and Availability

Siri works exclusively on iPhone 4S. Siri understands and can speak the following languages:

  • English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)

In 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

Can I use Siri in any of these languages in other countries?

Yes. Siri can be enabled in any country, and you can choose to speak to it in English, French, or German. However, Siri is designed to recognize the specific accents and dialects of the supported countries listed above. Since every language has its own accents and dialects, the accuracy rate will be higher for native speakers.

2012 looks like a good year for extra Siri languages, that’s for sure.


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