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Tim Cook on Apple TV: ‘We Might Find Something Larger’

Tim Cook on Apple TV: ‘We Might Find Something Larger’

Among other comments made at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Tim Cook spoke about the Apple TV, stating that the Apple TV is a hobby – but only because the set top box business isn’t anywhere near as big as the market for Macs or iOS devices.

He also reiterated a statement he made at Apple’s holiday quarter financial results conference call, stating that the Apple TV is something he “can’t live without“. His most interesting comment on the topic, however, was in regards to the future of the Apple TV:

Apple doesn’t do hobbies as a general rule. We believe in focus, only working on a few things. With Apple TV, however, despite the barriers in that market, for those of us who use it, we’ve always thought there was something there and that if we kept following our intuition and pulling the string, we might find something that is larger.


We need something special to make this a main market, to make TV a serious category for Apple.

Something larger? Like perhaps an Apple television set? Hmm… In listening to the live stream, it really seemed like Tim Cook was holding back when discussing the Apple TV, suggesting that Apple may be working on something very significant in the area, whether it’s an actual HDTV or not. You can hear the audio for yourself, embedded below (via The Verge)


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