StencylWorks – Easily Create Great iOS Games, No Coding Required!

StencylWorks – Easily Create Great iOS Games, No Coding Required!

Do you want to create stunning iOS games, but don’t have the time (or desire) to learn how to code? A new startup company called Stencyl wants to help, and has released a clever new utility called StencylWorks to help you easily create great iOS, Flash, Android and HTML 5 games with no coding at all.

StencylWorks is a simple and intuitive toolset that helps you build your game visually without worrying yourself about the complexities. The app takes care of all of the nitty-gritty things like physics and platform APIs to help you focus more on the game itself. The end result is a native app compiled in the C language. For those of you that are coders or power users, StencylWorks also allows you to import your own custom code libraries.

The current version of StencylWorks can rapidly create code for both iOS and Flash-based games, and plans to add Android and HTML 5 support in the near future.

StencylWorks comes both free and paid versions. A fully-functional version StencylWorks can be downloaded from the developer’s website for free. An extra $149 per year subscription to StencylWorks Pro allows you to publish to the App Store, and gets you priority support and early access to upcoming products. A discounted $99 per year academic subscription is also available for students.

This looks like a pretty neat solution for anyone who wants to get started in iOS game development. For more information, or to download StencylWorks for free, check out the official Stencyl home page.