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iOS 5.1 Finally Fixes Battery Drain, Improves Battery Life for iPhone 4/4S Users

iOS 5.1 Finally Fixes Battery Drain, Improves Battery Life for iPhone 4/4S Users

Since the release of iOS 5, many iPhone users noticed significantly decreased battery life, sometimes draining the device by more than half of its capacity overnight. Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to address the issue, but the update failed to fix issues for many users.

OS X Daily notes that iOS 5.1, released on Wednesday, has increased battery life significantly on their device:

The recent iOS 5.1 update aimed to fix that with “improved battery life” mentioned in the release notes, but just how improved is it? With casual use since the update was released, the consensus at OSXDaily suggests the improvement is substantial, and thus if you haven’t updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5.1 yet, it is highly recommended to do so now.

I have noticed significant improvements on both my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 4S as well, and many people that I’ve spoken with agree (even though early betas of iOS 5.1 did not address the issue). What about you? Are you noticing increased battery life since updating to iOS 5.1? Let us know!

  1. not really, my battery life is even worse now on 5.1 i have an iPhone 4S

    1. That’s good to know.

    2. Utah0717 says:

      excat same thing happened to me..don’t know how to fix the problem

  2. Battery life on iPhone 4S is much better after the update to iOS 5.1.
    Before the update starting at 100% battery surfing over wifi for 20 min resulted in about 95%. After the update, it’s still at 100% after the same. 🙂

  3. Sadeq008 says:

    Yup u r r8

  4. Dioscw says:

    Yes! The battery life The battery life after the update is much better. My iPhone 4S now hold all day.

  5. mn2k2shox says:

    Mine had gotten worse.. Where as before I can’t really complain, now even reading something in Flipbook with 75% batt power, 71% 5 mins later…

  6. Jacob Geissinger says:

    Mine is worse, and I have a 4S. The battery was a LOT better with iOS 5.0.1, I had no complaints with my battery life then. Sure, it wasn’t the best, but I could go all day without a charge. But now, I get up in the morning with my battery at 100% and it was dead by 3:00 this afternoon.

  7. cghera says:

    I am trying to believe that after the update my battery life on both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 has not gotten worse. However I see percentages going down in between minutes. I just left my phone drain today, hoping for a recalibration, and will try to do the same with the iPad. How are you seeing better battery life?

  8. None whatsoever. My iPhone 4 Battery is draining faster than the Prozac Bottles @ a Mental Institution. 

  9. Andy P says:

    Since making the update on my iPhone 4s, battery life got MUCH worse. The fix has not worked.

  10. Helmnl01 says:

    Not for me, it has become worse, my iPhone 4S has dropped overnight from 100% to 73% and no single app was active.

  11. Matt says:

    On my 4S I’ve seen a huge increase in battery life, I’ve also disabled a few location services in Settings, which I’m sure also helped

  12. Iceprincessisis3 says:

    My battery life for my iPhone 4 is worse now and some of my apps are messing up now too. Can’t fix the apps, like the music one, when you can’t remove it. My iPhone has been acting weird ever since I updated it to the 5.1. Is there a way to fix the issues that have popped up that weren’t on my iPhone before???

  13. deeepraveen says:

    Nope! Still the same, nothing has changed. I was waiting so long for this fix. But in the end it did not fix the issue.

  14. Pete says:

    ios 5.1 has definitely fixed the battery drain issue on my 3GS. After upgrading to ios5 I was lucky to get a day out of a full charge. After 5.1 I am know at 33% after 2 full days. So yes it’s fixed for me.

    1. Sebastian Rivera says:

      how wat did u do i have 14 hours in stand by and 7 hours in usage 

  15. Erik Timmons says:

    Nothing changed for me…  iPhone 4s

  16. Kurt says:

    iPhone 4 user here. I have never experienced such a battery drain on my device. iOs 5.1 made me have to carry around my charger, which was not the case before. My battery drains about 10% per hour on standby. Not cool.

  17. Avatar Diego says:

    the battery of my iphone 4s is great!!!!!!! i have to charge it every day and a half; before IOS 5.1, i had to charge it in school and every night….

  18. erwocky says:

    My iPhone 4 was fine under 5.0, it would go a couple days with normal usage (email, Facebook, twitter, texts, music).  With 5.1 now it doesn’t last 24 hours with very little usage–no games, video, or phone calls.  Ugh.

  19. Fly Records says:

    Nothing changed on my battery after 5.1  :(.. iPhone 4 s

  20. FoneBone says:

    Battery of my 4S after 24hrs was at 60%, after 45hrs (with 6hrs turn off time) at 11%… for me it’s better with iOS5.1

  21. Lonnie Fowler says:

    My battery life is significantly worse since updating to 5.1 a few days ago.  I now have to take a charger with me to ensure I can use my phone if I leave my house.

    I’m using an iPhone 4s.

  22. Scott Lissit says:

    Much worse with 5.1.  Now I need to recharge after just 1 day.  Used to get 3-4 days before.  How can I go back to 5.0?

  23. Dragongirl1991 says:

    Honestly, the battery life wasn’t too bad before 5.1, although I am just a casual user. While I still had to charge my 4S every night, I didn’t have to worry about my phone dying in the middle of the day.

    Now, thought, my phone will go two days without need thing to be charged. I have noticed a HUGE improvement in battery life.

  24. Robert Hayes9 says:

    For those of you who’re having these “worse” problem with your battery, heres what you need to do.(It worked for me) Open up itunes, be sure to back up your contacts to your PC and pictures as well, then restore it to IOS 5.1, but this time, set up as a new Phone. Then those battery problem will dissapear. Apple said thats the only way of fixing it, and thats what they meant for you to do. Hope this helped.

    1. Rob says:

      Thanks for the tip…noticed the difference immediately. Didnt lose 1% battery after three short phone calls and small web browse – wouldve lost one or two % in same scenario before this restore process…yet to test it over a 24-48 hour period though. Hopefully all goes well…

    2. Dave says:

      Tried that a couple times and still no good.  At 89% going to bed my alarm did not wake me in the morning as the battery had completely drained.  I’m taking mine to the Apple store today.  Also, after upgrading my 3Gs to 5.1 I’m having the same problems with it when it could sit on stand by for three days with no significant battery drain.  Very disturbing since I travel enough to make this a real headache.

    3. Trent says:

      Can you back up to iCloud?

  25. Fk says:

    Nope Not better at all on my iphone 4.. Have to charge it FULL night and only get about 10hours battery life after that.. 5.1 is cursed plz avoid..

  26. Tybano says:

    3 day battery after ios5, 10 hr battery after 5.1

  27. Bostjanka says:

    My iphone 4 is much worst noq on 5.1 bedore it was chargeing every two days, now I need to charge more than twice per day!

  28. acarrilloa says:

    Battery is now an issue… it wasn’t before the upgrade ¡es una lástima!

  29. Chris says:

    It worked for me. I bought an iphone 4s a few days ago. The battery was draining so fast. It was loosing 1% or 2% within a few minutes while browsing the internet. But now, after updating with ios 5.1, I stay 5 minutes in safari and it’s still 100% 

  30. Hassan Dwp says:

    As I type my phone is draining really fast .. This is retarded I wish I never downloaded the new software iOS 5.1 .. I hate my iphone now .. Seriously retarded ..

  31. Yes, improved my iPhone 4 battery life.. But I notice that my phone now connect to GPRS more often during standby… Not sure whether this is a way to save battery life..

  32. Emilymayadams13 says:

    I have a new iphone 4 and the battery life won’t last a day… how can I tell if it’s the battery or other things? I deliberately didn’t use it much at all and after an hour it went from 100 to 90. ?

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