New iPad Approved for Sale by Chinese Government

New iPad Approved for Sale by Chinese Government

Apple’s new iPad (at least the WiFi version) has finally been approved for sale in China by the country’s Quality Certification Center, reports PC World, bringing the device one step closer to being available in China. There are still a few hurdles, however, including the ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Proview over the iPad trademark. It’s possible that the dispute could hold up the Chinese release of the new iPad.

Further, while the WiFi-only version of the new tablet has been approved, the new 4G version of the tablet has not, meaning that customers who want models with mobile data will have to wait even longer to get their hands on the device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited China, and while it’s unclear what he discussed with Chinese government officials while he was there, sales of the new iPad in the country was likely among the topics he wished to address.

  1. China is an incredibly important market for Apple, with the company posting huge growth in the region in recent years. The approval, which actually was issued last week, comes as Apple CEO Tim Cook in China for meetings with partners from Apple appeared.

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