Review: Slim Kickstand for iPad by Incipio

Review: Slim Kickstand for iPad by Incipio

Standing behind the sole focus to provide customers with accessories that “look as good as they function,” Incipio operates 24/7-around-the-globe to ensure their love of mobile devices and related hardware continues to fuel their passion.  The Irvine, CA startup has, in the past twelve years, become one of the leading mobile accessory companies in the world.

This is review post three of four in a series (1 of 4 – underGROUND, 2 of 4 Smart Feather ) to shed some extra light on their stellar iPad 3rd generation line-up. Continuing, I take a close look at the Slim KICKSTAND Folio Case.

Padfolio Prestige

As we are now in iPad’s third generation, there have been many cases made for Apple’s tablet.  Many companies have made a good-faith effort to create an excellent iPad port/padfolio and even Apple tried, but was very unsuccessful.  An excellent combination of “vegan leather” and a hard polycarbonate, the Slim KICKSTAND is well dressed and offers edge-to-edge protection.  Once placing the iPad in the case, the retaining edge keeps the iPad in place while just barely coming over the front surface.  If you use a screen protector, there will be no problem with the KICKSTAND pushing the screenie away from the screen-edge.

Like a well-weighted pen, the KICKSTAND just feels right when you hold it.  The design is very streamlined, as the name “slim” correctly suggests, but still offers a tri-fold design, which is perfect for hands-free movie-viewing.  Also important, when using the folio at the tri-fold angle, the notches cut in the bottom panel are much deeper than many cases I have seen; however, there is still a little struggle to keep it in place, if not being used on a flat surface.

The inside flap is made with non-abrasive material to prevent scratching, even without a screen skin.  On the outside, it is professionally stitched to ensure a proper and elegant design.  Moreover, the precisely (an adverb I have often used in Incipio reviews) cut port holes allow unrestricted access to all the necessary connections, including the camera.  As a final touch, Incipio inludes an elastic band to keep everything closed nicely.


Conclusion [rating: 5/5]

I loved the Slim KICKSTAND ($39.99, order page) as soon as it came out of the box and I plan on recommending this case to friends and family that purchase a new iPad.  The combination of  “vegan leather” and hard frame is suitable for both style and protection.  Although genuine leather is much preferable, the “vegan” option keeps the product affordable, yet still visually appealing.  The close fitting design and well-cut port holes, make this professionally minded iPad case a definite purchase.  Among the myriad of padfolio’s, Incipio’s Slim KICKSTAND reigns supreme.

You can pre-order your Slim KICKSTAND now, with an estimated ship date of today (Friday, March 30).


  • Streamlined design and fit
  • Looks great while offering optimum protection
  • Deeper cut slots for tri-fold viewing
  • Precision cut port holes
  • Just feels right in your hand


  • Tri-fold viewing angle does not stay in place well, if not on a flat surface
  • Not genuine leather