iPhone Helps Rescue a 2-Year-Old Boy From a Well

iPhone Helps Rescue a 2-Year-Old Boy From a Well

The iPhone and iPad have been used to catch criminals, respond to medical emergencies, and deflect bullets, and now it has helped firefighters rescue a 2-year-old boy as well.  The Telegraph and the Daily Mail share a tale (via TUAW) of how an iPhone helped save the boy from the bottom of a 40-foot well.

According to the report, rescue workers were having difficulty getting their harnesses in place to lift the boy from the well. However one quick-thinking firefighter decided to pull out his iPhone, set it to begin recording video, and then lower it into the well.

Using the recorded video from the iPhone, rescue workers were able to determine the boy’s position in the well and lower the harness to his exact position, enabling them to finally hoist the child out of the dark 40-foot prison he was trapped in.

Props to the clever firefighter for his brilliant use of technology, and props to the iPhone for helping rescue a small child! Inspiring story all around, I’d say.


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