Review: Pad & Quill Octavo for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Pad & Quill Octavo for iPad (3rd-Gen)

The new iPad is a fine piece of electronic craftsmanship, and considering the cost of investing in one, something that should be protected as well. So why not wrap that shiny new iPad in something just as well crafted as itself? Pad & Quill’s new Octavo case for the third-gen iPad ($69.95, link) lets you do exactly that.


At first glance, the Octavo for the 3rd-gen iPad seems a lot like its iPad 2 counterpart. And indeed, it does sport the same style, from the leather-wrapped interior to the bindery cloth lining inside. But aside from the initial similarities, there’s a lot more to the new Octavo than meets the eye.


The combination of smooth bonded leather and boundary cloth is something that has to be held and felt to be truly appreciated. Everything about this cases screams of elegance. Even the lacquer on the wood itself had been changed to give a deeper furniture-like finish that is absolutely gorgeous. The new Contega also comes in a wider variety of colors than its predecessor, including the Plum color pictured in this review’s opening shot.


Aside from the cosmetic upgrades, there are also a number of other important differences and improvements. In fact, just about every element of the case has been improved, from the Spanish bonded leather it’s wrapped in to the wood that the frame is built with.

The tray on the inside of the case has been redesigned, and is now much stronger than before. And perhaps most notably, Pad & Quill has included a new type of bumper on the corners of the case, which not only holds your iPad more securely than ever before – it also slightly elevates your iPad, so it doesn’t actually touch the back of the case. As a result, the new Contega has significantly better drop protection and shock absorption than last year’s models.

The design of the magnetic cover has also been changed to improve the case’s ability to sleep and wake your iPad, and the inner and outer casing materials are stronger, designed to allow you to fold back the cover like a book without having to worry about the spine cracking or tearing.


Pad & Quill has taken everything I loved about the Octavo for iPad 2 (review) and improved on it. Every aspect of this handmade case reflects both a style and a level of quality that brings a smile to my face every time I open it up and use it. I cannot recommend this case enough for anyone looking for a stylish, durable, and professional looking way to carry their iPad.

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Rating: 5/5[rating:5]

For its superb build quality, improved durability, downright sexy old-fashioned leather appearance, improved shock absorption, and the many other fantastic qualities embodied by this case, I cannot help but award it a full five out of five.

The Octavo for the 3rd-gen iPad is available now for $69.95, and MacTrast readers can save 10% on either the Octavo for 3rd-gen iPad or the Contega for 3rd-gen iPad – just use coupon code MCT67! For more information, head on over to Pad & Quill’s product page on the net.


  • Sleek, professional, and attractive
  • Hand-made from high-quality materials
  • Improved durability and chock protection
  • Same great product as before, only better!


  • You might mistake it for an actual leather-bound book!