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Samsung Sues Apple Over 8 Additional Patent Violations

Samsung Sues Apple Over 8 Additional Patent Violations

Samsung, filing a counter-suit against Apple in a California court, accuses the iPhone maker of violating eight additional patents, as the ever escalating fight between the two tech giants continues to progress.

FOSS Patents reports:

There’s further escalation between Apple and Samsung. ┬áIn February, Apple brought a new U.S. federal lawsuit against Samsung, the second of its kind in the Northern District of California. Late on Wednesday by local time, Samsung brought its answer to the complaint as well as infringement counterclaims over eight patents.

Intillectual property expert Florian Muller of FOSS Patents says Samsung’s strategy appears to be based on the adage, “The best defense is a good offense.” Noting that so far though, none of Samsung’s claims against Apple have found success in any court in the world.

The list of patents cited in Samsung’s latest filing against Apple are:

“The bottom line: the biggest patent fight ever in the wireless devices industry just got bigger,” Mueller said.

There are currently over 30 lawsuits in the ever growing legal battle between Samsung and Apple. On the flip side, Samsung continues to be a huge supplier for Apple, supplying key components for building its popular devices.


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