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Alfred for Mac Updated With 1Password Support, New Themes, Drag & Drop, and More!

Alfred for Mac Updated With 1Password Support, New Themes, Drag & Drop, and More!

One of my all-time favorite Mac apps, Alfred, just got a significant update today, bringing new color themes, large type support, 1Password integration, support for dragging and dropping images and files from Alfred into other apps, and more!

What’s New in Version 1.2

This is a huge release with 2 new colour themes, Large type support and much more! See alfredapp.com for more details.

* 2 new themes from user theme competition – Dark and Smooth & Pistachio
* Large type support, use ⌘L to show the currently typed text or calculation in large type
* Drag results (files / images etc) out of Alfred into emails, graphics apps, Finder
* New ‘Advanced’ option for Default Result types, add any file type you like to the default results (still recommend open/find/[spacebar]prefix for file search)

Despite being one of the best Mac apps known to man, Alfred remains a free download from the Mac App Store, although users who download directly from the developer’s website have the ability to purchase a PowerPack that further enhances the app’s features.

The feature I am most excited about is only available for PowerPack customers, and isn’t included in the Mac App Store – 1Password support! I use 1Password to store all my passwords and sensitive info, and having the ability to index and search it with Alfred is fantastic!

The full list of improvements in today’s update can be found below:

* Overhaul to file searching algorithm allowing, now non-continuous word based matching
* Improvements to the ‘in’ keyword allowing for disjoint keyword matching
* More exact matching for ‘text files’ in the default results, no longer matches .ics files
* Improved decimal point configuration in the Calculator, now allowing forced decimal separator output for comma based locales
* Alfred.app no longer shows in results and typing ‘alfred’ now opens the preferences
* Add Xcode’s new Applications location to the default search scope
* More flexibility on the Spell/Define keywords, allow matching on items not in the dictionary
* Less aggressive scientific notation rounding for the calculator for better 0 approximation errors
* More intelligent ‘eject’ keyword to prevent false errors when a drive is successfully ejected
* Code and performance improvements
* Fixed / improved text and help throughout the preferences
* Make MAS version startup / welcome sheet non resizable and close using Esc key
* Allow ⌘^Q and ⌘^W as hotkeys, previously blocked by over-protective code
* Update the core window renderer to fix a quirk behind the preference cog with transparent themes
* Remove deprecated code and make Alfred more future proofed for OS X


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