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Making Sense of Siri Usage (Infographic)

Making Sense of Siri Usage (Infographic)

Apple’s Siri technology has been popular ever since it was unveiled alongside the iPhone 4S, and although the technology is still in beta, Siri has become an icon among Apple fans, spawning an incredible number of parodies and how-to guides. It’s also spawned a huge number of clones, both on the App Store, and on competing Android devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.

But how many people actually use Siri…and what do they use Siri for? How many people are satisfied with Siri, and how many people think Siri just doesn’t cut it? Mashable shares a great infographic from OnlineDegrees.com that puts in all into perspective – take a look! Click on the infographic to see a larger version.

  1. jaysoncopes says:

    One thing they missed on Wolfram Alpha: When was Queen Victoria born? XD It’ll give you anything about Queen Victoria up to the time the sun rose on the day she was born 😛

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