Google Chrome Already Ranks as #1 Free iOS App

Google Chrome Already Ranks as #1 Free iOS App

Although Google Chrome for iOS has been available for less than 24 hours (released yesterday afternoon), it has already risen through the ranks to become the number one free app on the App Store chart for both iPhone and iPad!

While Chrome for iOS can’t be used as the default browser due to Apple’s restrictions, and doesn’t actually run faster than Mobile Safari due to being locked into Apple’s rendering engine, it does support many of the features from its desktop counterpart, including tabbed browsing (with unlimited tabs), a “unibar” for both search and URLs, syncing of passwords and bookmarks, the ability to view open tabs on other devices, “Incognito” mode, and more.

As noted by Cnet. Chrome for iOS has already received nearly 4000 user reviews, with the vast majority coming in at 4 or 5 stars. If you haven’t tried it yet, Chrome for iOS is available for free from the App Store (link)!


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