Video: Amazon Introduces Game Center Competitor

Video: Amazon Introduces Game Center Competitor

Amazon has just announced their competitor to Apple’s Game Center. It’s called GameCircle, and Amazon says it will be a new gaming experience for developers and the Kindle Fire.


According to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution blog, GameCircle is a “new set of services designed to make it easier for you to create more engaging gaming experiences and grow your business on Kindle Fire,” by making “achievements, leaderboards and sync APIs accessible, simple and quick for you to integrate, and will give gamers a more seamless and entertaining in-game experience.”

The new GameCircle should be good news for the Kindle Fire, as it faces competition from the new Nexus 7. It should continue to entice users with Android tendencies to purchase the Android based color eReader.

GameCircle borrows from the Apple Game Center experience, with the ability to invite friends, start multiplayer games, track achievements, and post scores on leaderboards.