Happy 4th Birthday, App Store!

Happy 4th Birthday, App Store!

On July 10, 2008 – exactly four years ago today – Apple’s App Store officially opened its metaphorical doors (one day ahead of the iPhone 3G launch date), quickly becoming the top mobile software marketplace around the world! The App Store has been a staple of Apple’s mobile platform ever since.

The App Store immediately showed incredible momentum, hitting 10 million downloads within its first weekend. Today, that incredible momentum continues to grow. Apple recently celebrated the App Store’s 25 billionth download, and they announced during this year’s WWDC keynote that there are currently over 650,000 different apps available to download.

For only being 4 years old, the App Store has already achieved more than any digital software marketplace ever, mobile or otherwise. The App Store has also given rise to a host of new jobs, and has resulted in Apple paying out over 5 billion dollars to developers!

So Happy Birthday, App Store. Thanks for being a game changer, and keep up the good work!