Detailed Images Claim to Show ‘iPad mini’ Housing

Detailed Images Claim to Show ‘iPad mini’ Housing

There have been a number of photos, both alleged to be actual photos and physical mockups, that have leaked in recent weeks, but a set of photos at Chinese site NetEase show in decent detail both the interior and exterior of the shell. The part is said to be a legitimate rear shell leaked form a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.


The pictures show a number of details of the rear shell, including the opening for Apple’s smaller dock connector expected to debut on the iPhone 5 next week, a rear camera hole, and the interior lip where the display and front panel will be attached. The shell appears to be for a Wi-Fi model, as it lacks a cutout for a SIM card and an open section along the top edge for a plastic window covering where the cellular antennas would be.

Similar to other leaked photos, the rear shell shows little tapering when compared to the current full-sized iPad. It has an rounded, almost bullnose profile along the sides.

Apple has a media event planned next Wednesday, but is expected to focus on the new iPhone at that event, and is said to be planning a separate media event for October to introduce the “mini.”

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