Jimmy Kimmel Previews The “iPhone 5” for Passersby

Jimmy Kimmel Previews The “iPhone 5” for Passersby

The hullabaloo around the iPhone 5 launch has opened the floodgates of comedy for the late night television industry. Jimmy Kimmel made light of the launch on Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel’s team took a shot at the gullible buying public when they took the “iPhone 5” out on the street Thursday to get first impressions from public at large — even though the iPhone 5 isn’t actually out yet. Instead, they took the iPhone 4S and told folks it was the new iPhone 5.

  1. Tyler Waltz says:

    That’s actually an iPhone 4, not 4S. And this would happen with any new gadget. Most people outside of geek land wouldn’t know the difference.

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