Smart Trigger: Take Photos Remotely Using An iPhone

Smart Trigger: Take Photos Remotely Using An iPhone

Taking the perfect picture with the right timing can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re alone. You can be manning the camera and in the shot at the same time, so you have to set your DSLR on a timer, and it can be tricky. Luckily, Japanese company Cerevo might have come up with a solution, MacGeneration reports.

The Smart Trigger, which isn’t yet in production but has recently attained the funding necessary, connects to your DSLR ¬†and then links (via Bluetooth 4.0) to an app on your iPhone, allowing you to snap at the tap of a button from far away.

As such, you can take cool photos of you jumping around or action shots accurately, as you’ll be able to press the button at exactly the right time.

It should cost around $70 when it’s available. As of yet there’s no product site, but you can check out the relevant blog post (in Japanese) here.

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