How to Resend an iMessage As an SMS Text Message

How to Resend an iMessage As an SMS Text Message

Apple’s iMessage is great for sending free notes between Macs and iOS devices – at least, when it works it’s great! Unfortunately, Apple’s iMessage service has been hit with a number of outages over time, which can cause recent messages not to be sent to their recipient. Other issues, such as poor cell signal, can also prevent iMessages from being sent.

Fortunately, OS X Daily notes that there’s a simple way to resend failed iMessages as SMS test messages! Just tap and hold the bubble containing the message you want to resent, then tap Send as Text Message. It’s not a complete solution however, as it does require a phone number rather than  just a registered email address…

It’s worth noting that this only works if the message is sent, but not delivered – so if the option doesn’t appear for you, that’s why.

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