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LeapMotion Offering 10,000 Developers Free Units

LeapMotion Offering 10,000 Developers Free Units

If you don’t know what LeapMotion is, it’s a potentially revolutionary method of controlling desktop devices, including the iMac. In the form of a box no bigger than a flash drive, it can detect hand/finger movements correctly to within half a millimetre.

However it gets better, as LeapMotion has announced it will be giving free units to 10,000 developers, meaning we should expect to see quite a few innovative apps that use the technology, CNET reports.

What’s more, the SDK has also been updated with pre-defined gesture APIs to make it even easier for developers, and to provide a base from which to work from.

Leap’s released is planned for sometime in 2013, and many have seen potential uses for flying planes and driving cars, even though it would have it’s impracticalities. Trying to swat away a bug could lead to a nasty accident.

14% of devs interested want to use it for gaming, while 12% want to use it for music or video. Others state art and design, science and medicine and robotics as other priorities.

Prototype games to have been shown off so far include Air Harp and Block 54, viewable below.

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