New Year, New You: Fitness Apps for iOS

New Year, New You: Fitness Apps for iOS

Yup, it’s that time again, the new year is upon us, and just like every other new year, you’ve made the resolution to take better care of yourself. You’re going to workout, eat right, and finally lose that spare tire around your middle. Well this time you can have help if you want it, and it’s as close as your iPhone or iPad.

Gorilla Workout : Athletic Fitness Training on a Budget – This app bills itself as: “A fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises. Our daily body-weight only workout routines combine cardio and strength training interchangeably, to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time.”

Each exercise targets different muscle groups, so you can tone your abs, core, chest, back, arms, and legs, and while you’re at it, excess fat. You don’t need any exercise equipment, each workout can be done practically anywhere. Great for you on the go constant travelers. This is a great way to lose inches in your waistline, while keeping your wallet as fat as it ever was.

Gorilla Workout is available for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store – $0.99 (DIRECT LINK)

Daily Burn: Video Workouts – The developer of Daily Burn claims that this app has everything you need to get better fitness results in less time. With an extensive library of professionally produced workout videos, you’ll get variety, so you won’t get bored while you’re trying to get into shape.

The workouts include: cardio, strength, yoga, kickboxing, abs, mobility, core, metabolic conditioning, stretching, and more. Videos range from beginner to advanced workouts.

The app is free, but you’ll need to subscribe to access all of the videos.

Daily Burn is available for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. – FREE (DIRECT LINK)

All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes This one is iPad only, you probably don’t want to be trying to watch the yoga videos on the smaller screen of the iPhone anyway. You might keep the iPhone handy though, just in case you get yourself into a pretzel shape and need to call 911.

This app was rated one of the top 8 Fitness Apps by Health Magazine. It has over 300 poses with photo, video, and audio guides in HD-quality plus 3D musсle models for every pose. It also includes over 30 breathing exercises, each one has detailed how-to instructions.

The app has ready made workout programs, or you can create your own. There is also extra premium content available via in-app purchase as you advance.

All-In YOGA HD is available for the iPad only in the App Store – $1.99 (DIRECT LINK)

Green Kitchen – Healthy Vegetarian Recipes – So, you’re going to work up an appetite doing all that exercise, so why not eat healthy?

This collection of recipes will be a source of organic and tasty vegetarian food. The ingredients contain a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products.  The recipes include beautiful photos, and easy to follow, detail instructions.

If you want to go vegetarian, just want to include more vegetarian dishes in your diet, or just want to impress that vegetarian significant other, Green Kitchen is the resource for you.

Green Kitchen is available for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. – $3.99 (DIRECT LINK)

Smoothies from Whole Living OK, you worked out, now you’re eating that healthy vegetarian food you just cooked, you need something to wash it down with. How about a nice refreshing smoothie?

The developer says, “Smoothies from Whole Living is the ideal guide to making refreshing, revitalizing, and restorative drinks right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Chock-full of innovative recipes that have been carefully selected by food editors and dietitians—plus handy features, organizational tools, and extras —this app has everything you need to start blending your way to wellness.”

The app includes 12 Essential recipes, 12 Meal-in-a-Glass recipes, and 12 Allergen-Free recipes. You can also purchase additional recipe packs right within the app. These include Detox, Weight-Loss, and Immunity-Boosting.

For a limited time, the app and all the recipe packs are free. And, it’s from Martha Stewart, so you know “it’s a good thing.”

Smoothies from Whole Living is available for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store – FREE (DIRECT LINK)

Good luck on your journey to fitness. And if you need something to aspire to, check out this classic video from the Jack LaLanne Show. Personally, I think the dog has the right idea.