Review: Beesy – A New Level of iPad Productivity

Review: Beesy – A New Level of iPad Productivity

The iPad has truly changed the way we work in business settings. Legal pads and pens are out, and iPads and bluetooth keyboards are the new wave of productivity. Improving the way we work is one of the main focuses for many App developers as they attempt to take a bit out of the the productivity market. BeesApps’ Beesy is a complex, multi-functional productivity app for the iPad, that is looking to change how we take notes and do work.


Beesy ($4.99 in the App Store) is a full-featured productivity workhorse that turns your iPad into a task list, meeting planner, call organizer, and note taking app. With the ability to create check lists, assign tasks, and create quick links to contacts, map data, web sites, and photos, Beesy has features everyone can find a use for daily.

Beesy is quick to connect to setup, using your contact data and calendar account(s) to create your calendar and personal profile. Beesy also features a connection for Evernote which allows you to share your notes out to your Evernote account for desktop or iPhone viewing.

Not only is it very easy to setup Beesy, but there is also a full tutorial, created as a collection of meeting notes, tasks, and images, to provide you a hands-on learning experience (and I highly recommend spending time going through it to learn the in’s and out’s).

Beesy includes a number of great organization tools for increasing your productivity, as well. Not only can you take notes, add comments, and create meetings/reminders within Beesy, but you can also view tasks assigned to others, or view tasks by project, which can help keep you on target and focused on the project at hand.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

Beesy has a huge array of features that can be handy for various meetings and work settings. While learning the app can take some time, once you have the hang of the functionality, the app really begins to open up great productivity possibilities.


● Expansive collection of features
● Ability to create meetings from within the app
● Evernote & email sharing


● Confusing to learn at first
● Resource intensive (app hung up several times)

If you’re looking for a more advanced way to turn your iPad into a true productivity tool, check out Beesy ($4.99 in the App Store)