Review: Earth 101 – A Virtual Way to Explore the World for iOS

Review: Earth 101 – A Virtual Way to Explore the World for iOS

So you want to travel the world, see the sights, and learn about the places on this rock we call home? For some, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars and hopping from city to city and continent to continent may be an option, but for those of us slightly more strapped for spare cash, there’s an alternative. 3PlanetSoft’s Earth 101 for iPhone and iPad let your explore some of the worlds greatest monuments and structures from the palm of your hand.


Earth 101 ($0.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad) is a unique and gorgeously designed app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a virtual globe. With the flick of your fingers and a tap on the screen, you can learn about attractions and structures anywhere on Earth.

Using Earth 101 is as simple as using Apple’s stock maps app. Slide around the globe with the flick of a finger, rotate your view with a 2 finger twist, and pinch to zoom. When you see something of interest, simply tap it to get a brief description.

If you are a history buff or interested in all the details, tapping the description will expand it to include even more information (from Wikipedia). The long description also features a quick link which opens the Wikipedia page, which gives even more expansive details.

Not only is the user interface fun and easy in Earth 101, but the app also features excellent 3D (vector based) graphics which look great on a retina display. Zooming and panning is smooth, which makes moving around the world second nature.

Earth 101 features a few fun extras, as well. Ships can be seen sailing the seas and airplanes can be seen cruising the sky. The option to activate weather information is also a nice bonus, allowing you to see current weather conditions worldwide.

Verdict: [rating:4.5]

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to explore the world, Earth 101 is an excellent option. The 3D graphics, simple interface, and informational descriptions are helpful in making learning about the world enjoyable. The ability to search for specific locations is also a great bonus which allows you to see and explore specific locations without exercising your high school geography skills.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Simple, elegant interface
  • Quality information about landmarks


  • Missing landmarks (Vegas doesn’t show a single building?)

Earth 101, a fun and simple way to explore the world. Check it out for iPhone ($0.99) and iPad ($1.99) in the App Store.