Mailbox App Goes Live on App Store, Get in Line People

Mailbox App Goes Live on App Store, Get in Line People

Mailbox,’ the long-awaited iPhone email client from developer Orchestra, is now live in the App Store. You will need a reservation to use it though. Reservations are now being filled for those who registered with the company in late January.


Mailbox features a completely redesigned inbox that works to make email fast and mobile-friendly. You can swipe to move messages to an archive or the trash. You can scan an entire conversation at once, and even “snooze” emails until later with a quick tap. “Snoozed” emails will return to your inbox at a later time automatically.

Currently the app is iPhone-only and Gmail only. It uses swipe gestures, allowing users to swipe left or right to activate snooze timers and send message threads to the archive folder or a customizable lists folder. You can also delete emails with a longer swipe.


You can download Mailbox from the App Store, but you’ll need a reservation. After you enter your reservation info, you’ll be able to see how many people are ahead of you in the activation line. As seen above, I have 79,159 people in front of me. They obviously don’t realize I am a powerful and influential member of the media! All joking aside, I can’t wait to give Mailbox a try. When we get activated we’ll be sure to give you a complete review.


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