Realistic iOS 7 Concept Shows Redesigned Multitasking (Video)

Realistic iOS 7 Concept Shows Redesigned Multitasking (Video)

While this might not show the groundbreaking change to layout, appearance or feel that iOS needs, this iOS 7 concept is definitely realistic, showing what a redesigned multitasking interface might look like. Uploaded by YouTube user Jesse Head (via Macgasm), it also takes into account the Sir Jony Ive approach to design, which we should see much more of in iOS 7. Nice touch.

  1. Tom Derrick says:

    You can already do this on a jail broken phone it’s called CARD SWITCHER

  2. Den says:

    That’s exactly the point. Apple gets some if not most of its ideas from Jailbroken Devices.

  3. This should definitly be an iOS thing, The Big A could easily grab some of Androids users with updates in iO like these. Whoever is in charge of marketing and product development at AAPL needs to find this person have a One-to-One with them and give them a job! These are the types of innovations that would continue to set Apple apart from their competitors!

    1. Jahangir says:

      This will be a complete copy of webos, used in palm smartphones…was very cool… The best OS I ever used

  4. JROC says:

    This is SO COOL! I especially like that it is EXACTLY what my Galaxy S3 has been doing since June 2012…so advanced able…so advanced.

  5. Samcopy says:

    Can’t wait!!!!

  6. Bill says:

    It’s also called auxo in cydia

  7. duke luke says:

    I don’t get looks like it’s unconfortable to manage 41 apps viewing just 4 at a let’s try with one at at time?! Just another androidy crap..

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