YouTube Releases iPad Sized Version of Their Capture App

YouTube Releases iPad Sized Version of Their Capture App

Personally, I think taking a photo, or recording video with a tablet, ANY tablet is a pain in the butt, and should be avoided at all costs. YouTube apparently doesn’t think most users share my aversion to 10-inch cameras, as they have released an iPad sized version of their Capture app.


The Verge:

…Its Capture app, which¬†lets users quickly record clips and automatically upload them to YouTube, has been upsized to run natively on Apple’s iPad and iPad mini. Like before, Capture includes a number of simple editing tools for stabilization, color correction, and adding background music.

The app allows you to do simultaneous sharing of your YouTube video to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, with tagging support.

So all you YouTube content providers, and you know who you are, feel free to capture your videos while simultaneously building up your biceps and triceps. just be polite to those around you, OK? It’s bad enough seeing everyone hold iPhones up to record video at concerts, let’s not block the stage completely.

YouTube Capture for the iPad is available FREE in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

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