Review: X-Doria STIR Case for iPhone 5

Review: X-Doria STIR Case for iPhone 5

The market is saturated with iPhone accessories, especially when it comes to cases. Everyone has their own specifications and standards when it comes to protecting and styling their devices. For me, I love a pop of color and a case that covers all edges of my phone, which isn’t always easy to find, I am quite possibly the most picky person on the planet when it comes to choosing a case for my iPhone. I think I may have just found the perfect iPhone 5 case, the X-Doria STIR.


X-Doria is a company that manufactures cases for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and most recently, the Samsung Galaxy S4. While browsing the X-Doria site, I was impressed with the variety of cases that they had to offer, along with the varying colors and styles. The STIR case immediately caught my attention, based on photographs it seemed like the perfect case, but we’ve all been there, a case that seems to be perfect, only to receive it in the mail and have it look completely different.

Upon receiving my STIR case in the mail, I was riddled with anticipation when I picked up the parcel. I excitedly ran inside and tore the packaging open, slipped my old case off and slid the X-Doria STIR case on, placed my phone on the table, and stepped back to marvel at its beauty. Typically I purchase designer cases from the likes of Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, etc. mainly because they have fun colors, good fit, and no one else has anything like them. While the X-Doria case is not “designer” its craftsmanship and general aesthetic rivals any designer case.

Out of the box, the case is flexible, has a soft plastic feel and is quite lightweight. The case fits easily onto the iPhone 5, covering the edges, without interfering with the screen protector, which can be a huge deal breaker for some people. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the case doesn’t add a lot of bulk at all, again, something that is relatively important to some. It was extremely easy to put on, and also easy to remove, the case does not shift or move when it is on the phone, which can be an issue with lightweight, flexible cases. The case covers the volume controls and lock button but allows for easy control of these items, not inhibiting the user from accessing or operating these buttons. The headphone jack is also easily accessible and the speakers have perfect cutouts.

The overall style of the case is quite appealing, with the geometric-like shapes on the back, the texture of the case is ideal, made of a durable, tear-resistant material that is almost brushed feeling, rather than glossy. The X-Doria STIR case comes in 6 different colors: electric blue, limon, pink, white, black, and aqua. I received the aqua color, which I absolutely love, it is bright and fun, and I have received numerous compliments on both the color and overall look of the case. The only issue that I have encountered with the case is the transfer of color to the edge of the case, presumably from dust, and constantly placing and removing it from my pocket, which is pretty typical for any case I use. The good news? A simple wipe down with a cleansing wipe takes the grime right off!

Verdict [rating: 5]

The X-Doria STIR case completely encases the iPhone 5, while allowing easy operation of volume and lock controls. The case comes in 6 great colors, has a fun geometric pattern, is shock-resistant, and lightweight. Not only does the X-Doria protect the iPhone 5, but it adds a certain degree of flair and style.

Price: $24.99 MSRP – The STIR case is available on the X-Doria website!


  • Completely encases iPhone 5
  • Offers great color variety
  • Easy operation of volume and lock controls
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Headphone jack access is large enough for accessories


  • Users who like extremely protective cases may not like it