Review: DragNSYNC – A Versatile and Secure File Management App for iPad

Review: DragNSYNC – A Versatile and Secure File Management App for iPad

Most of us have loads of files on our iPads. Pics, PDFs, text documents, music… The list goes on. I had the opportunity to try out an app that claims to be a versatile file manager that also can securely hide any files you’d like to keep from prying eyes. Meet DragNSYNC from AppSophic.



DragNSYNC allows you to drag and sync files directly from your computer, or import them from your email attachments or other sources. DragNSYNC’s security features allow you to safely and securely keep any documents you may not want others to view out of their hands. When first starting up the app, you are required to set up a passcode and a security question, thereby ensuring that only you will have access to those “sensitive” files you store inside the app.

DragNSYNC also allows you to save your files to iCloud. While in iCloud they can only be accessed via the DragNSYNC app. Nice.

One particular feature I liked was the “decoy mode” feature. If a boss, teacher, significant other, or any other sets of prying eyes ask to see what you have stored in DragNSYNC, decoy mode allows you to enter a “decoy” passcode, and the app will show the DragNSYNC Help PDF as the only file you have stored inside the app. Love it.


While DragNSYNC has a most capable file viewer built right in to the app, (the quick browse feature is very handy), it also allows you to open the files you have saved in the app in other apps on your iPad. You can also print, and email the files.

Files can be imported into DragNSYNC from emails, via drag and drop in iTunes, and from other apps. The developer says you can import files wirelessly from many popular browsers, but I must confess, I was unable to find out how to do this.


Photos can be imported into the app via the built in camera function, or from your Photo Albums. One caveat however, if you are importing photos into DragNSYNC from your Photo Album, please remember they do not automatically get deleted from the album. You need to do that for yourself. Very important when dealing with any ::AHEM!:: sensitive photos you may not want others to view.

DragNSYNC also has capable file management capabilities, with the ability to create nested folders, move files around, and more.



If you need a secure file vault to store your documents away from prying eyes, you’d do well to take a look at DragNSYNC. The app is easy to set up, and does what it promises to. The app’s built-in viewers are a nice touch, and the quick view ability for PDFs and other file types comes in quite handy. For $2.99 you could do a lot worse.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

Price: $2.99 – Available for the iPad in the App Store [DIRECT LINK].


  • Secure storage to keep files from prying eyes.
  • A “decoy” passcode entry to ensure you can’t be forced to show your files to others.
  • Built-in file viewer, with quick view.


  • I couldn’t figure out the wireless transfer from a browser.
  • After I saved a file to iCloud, it didn’t appear in the file list.