Unwanted Automatic OTA iOS 7 Downloads Irritating iOS 6 Users

Unwanted Automatic OTA iOS 7 Downloads Irritating iOS 6 Users

Now is the winter of iOS 6 users’ discontent. A week after Apple released iOS 7, users who are still rocking iOS 6 are getting a little pissed at the automatic OTA downloads of iOS 7 to their devices.



Specifically, users who still have iOS 6 installed are experiencing self-starting over-the-air (OTA) downloads for iOS 7 to their devices when connected to AC power, averaging around 1 GB per download and occupying 3.1 GB of storage. While the update does not automatically install itself and requires user authentication, the download does not show up in the storage submenu within settings.

The issue is a special frustrating for users who have very little space left on their phone. The download is not automatically installing the software, that still requires an OK from the user.

CNET confirmed the behavior on both an iPhone 4 as well as a fourth-generation iPad, both of which were running the latest version of iOS 6 before 7 arrived. For the iPad, the download began within minutes of turning on the device and plugging it into A/C power. When finished on both devices, it accounted for a little more than 3GB of space that was previously available on the device, and did not show up in the storage management settings submenu.

iOS 5 users previously reported similar issues with the iOS 6 OTA update.