iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 5S

iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 5S

iFixit’s fearless gurus have gotten their hands on a new iPhone 5S hours ahead of when most people will be able to buy one, and in long-standing iFixit tradition, decided that the first thing they should do with it is tear it to shreds! Wanna see what Apple’s new golden toy looks like on the inside – get yourself an eyeful! But we warn you: things could get messy.

iFixit iPhone 5S Teardown

As of this moment, the teardown is still in progress, but they’ve already gotten some fantastic images and details of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. As Apple already showed, the sensor is tightly built directly into the home button, which makes taking it apart a very interesting process. They’ve also got some hands-on high-res images of the iPhone 5S’s very heart and soul: The A7 chip.

Check out the above gallery to check out some juicy gadget p0rn – we’ll update this post with any particularly interesting details once the teardown is complete! Head on over to iFixit to keep up on their progress as it unfolds.

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