iOS 7: All About Control Center

iOS 7: All About Control Center

While most of the hullabaloo over iOS 7 has centered on the new interface and “flat” icons, one of the most anticipated features for myself was the Control Center. Available from any screen, even the lock screen, by a simple swipe up from the bottom center of your device’s screen, Control Center allows you to access multiple functions from one easy interface.

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Control Center is translucent, so its look can change, according to what app or screen you have running behind it. No matter when and where you access it however, the functions remain the same.

Control Center contains handy toggle switches that allow you to enable or disable Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and the Rotation Lock. Right beneath that is a handy slider that allows you to control the brightness of your screen. Immediately below the brightness slider, you’ll see the music playback controls. These let you pause, play, go back and forth to tracks, and adjust the volume.

Under the volume controls, reside the AirDrop and AirPlay buttons.  The AirDrop button allows you to make your device visible for AirDrop file transfers for contacts only, everyone, or no one. AirPlay lets you stream the music you’re listening to out to AirPlay compatible devices and speakers around your home or office.

At the very bottom of the Control Center are buttons (from left to right) that turn the Flashlight off/on, access the clock app, the calculator app, and the Camera app.

You’ll find yourself using Control Center more than you might imagine. The ability to turn Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplane Mode off and on without digging through the Settings menu is invaluable.

I will send my condolences now to all the developers who were making a few bucks off of flashlight apps in the App Store. Sorry guys, this was inevitable, it was just a matter of when.

The Control Center can be set in the Settings menu to only react to an upward swipe while on the Home screen or the Lock Screen. You might find that handy if you pay games that involve a lot of rapid, upward swipes. I’m looking at you Fruit Ninja!

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