Microsoft Removes Videos Taking Jabs at Apple’s New iPhones, But We Have One

Microsoft Removes Videos Taking Jabs at Apple’s New iPhones, But We Have One

Microsoft posted videos earlier today that took what it referred to as “playful” jabs at Apple’s new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. After a less than favorable reaction form the community at large, they quickly removed them from their YouTube account. However, the Internet being what it is…


Microsoft’s Windows Phone team posted today a rather cringe-worthy Windows Phone video on YouTube that mocks Apple and its recent iPhone announcement. Titled “A fly on the wall in Cupertino?”, it depicts what some might believe to be Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive in separate meetings to go over the various color options and other features for the iPhone 5c and 5s.

TNW received a statement from Microsoft following the removal of the videos: The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.”

Luckily, someone had made a copy of at least one of the videos before it was removed. (Seen above.)


Oddly enough, even though you can only see the back of the actor’s head that the other actors are addressing, he gives the impression of being Steve Jobs. The “CEO” appears very thin, with dark hair. Cook has white/gray hair, and isn’t as skinny as the actor in the spot appears. One of the other actors addresses him as “T”, and the timeline is posted as “in 2013,” so…

It really is a sad attempt at humor, and as it follows Microsoft’s attempt at getting iPad users to trade in their tablets for a Surface, well… It just smack of desperation.

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    I hope a change of guard is in store after Ballmer exists MS and some of this goes away. It really does smack of desperation.

  2. s4ndm4n says:

    It’s just sad really, if they put half the effort into the quality of their product as they do in disparaging Apple, well….they’d at least get something done. I laugh at their Surface commercials. The Surface was supposed to be geared at professionals, but their marketing shows hip cats snapping, clicking and dancing…….uh, right. That considered, I literally laughed out loud when the dude says “and the beauty part is, we can charge whatever we want.” BWAHAHAHAHA! Exactly!!! Like $349 for your Surface because you’ve done nothing shy of selling your own children, to compensate for the $900 million charge off, when your company has only even made $853 million in revenue for the Surface tab (which is an entirely different story in misrepresenting your investors). Sorry, but when a company’s marketing is entirely focused on attacking other companies, rather than what your product can actually achieve, it is a textbook political smear campaign that speaks more to the complete and utter lack of vision, professionalism and quality of product, than it does to anything that would even sniff at being revolutionary. Ok, I’m done and so is Microsoft’s tablet and their “light-hearted poke(s)” at their “friends from Cupertino”. If only Microsoft could delete the mistake that is the Surface tab, as easily as it did the abortion of a commercial that it calls marketing.

    1. J Lancaster says:

      I don’t think you get the concept of advertising. It’s about talking up the advantages of your product over a competitor. The write off came as they made too many surfaces. Not enough were sold before their refresh, so they took the loss in their forecast and dropped the price. I get really upset with you people who are blind to other things outside of Apple. I have a pretty good perspective because I own an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4(wife), and IPhone 5(mine). I also own all Windows 8 computers, including the Surface Pro, that I love. I am using it right now to type up this post. I almost got the surface rt for my daughter to use at school, but decided that she may need her own computer just yet, as she is only five.
      I use both platforms and I like both.

      1. iLine says:

        Ever notice how bashers have all the Apple products.. I wonder how often it’s true.. Seems petty and stupid. I guess he wants in on the ‘i’ product line and join the idiots.

      2. s4ndm4n says:

        I was gonna respond to this but wow, really. You have solved the riddles of the universe for me, I am forever grateful, thank you. No really, thank you. Now let’s hug.

        1. J Lancaster says:

          And that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend

          1. s4ndm4n says:

            Again attacking the individual, I was addressing the argument and you choose to go ad hominem, which is just plain rude. Sir, you know nothing about me and I certainly do not owe it to you to defend myself, my wife or my children. Stick to the topic, don’t attack the person, it shows weakness in your argument.

          2. J Lancaster says:

            I believe it was you that began the “attack” sir. You repeatedly used the word “you” referring to me. So yes I replied back to your comment aimed at me.
            You’re right, I know nothing about you other than from you have posted so far.

          3. s4ndm4n says:


  3. CrazedLeper says:

    So jealous.

  4. Juano says:

    this is so pathetic…

  5. Tom Steele says:

    Wow, I love fan boys. It is amazing to watch people desperately defend their chosen product. But first a little background, I’m a PC guy. I’m that fat chubby guy in the Apple vs PC commercials – which I’m sure none of you found distasteful – but wait there’s more…

    I also own three iPads, and have been through a couple of each iPhone since 3G (including my wife’s phones). So, what am I?

    I love my iOS products. But I am actually able to see flaws unlike the fanboys.

    This was a funny commercial to people like me, who were disappointed with the announcement of the 5s.

    I recently bailed on iPhone when they decided the iPhone 5 was bigger enough. I have a Samsung S3 – which I HATE – but bought for its screen size. Samsung butchered android so bad that it isn’t usable.

    So I was hoping for a bigger screen this time. Instead, I got plastic colors. Which, as someone who always puts a case on a phone, seems pointless since I can buy a colored case. So now I am waiting for the Note 3 and hoping it will be the answer.

  6. s4ndm4n says:

    I love how people give their credentials in the form of all of the devices they own. It’s funny, like “Well, I have a Doctorate in Opinion because I own multiple platformed devices”. This always turns into attacking the individuals who post, rather than the subject of the article. The article is about the clownbags that are Microsoft. Your comments to defend them speaks volumes.

    1. J Lancaster says:

      Guy, get off your high horse. We can share our opinion of a device because we have used and own said devices. I can’t give you an opinion on coke if I’ve never drank it. I think you just get upset that people actually own these devices that you for some reason hate.
      You continue to bash the surface, but have you used one? Have you even looked at one or are you just assuming?

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