MG Siegler Slightly Douses the Apple TV Rumor Fire

MG Siegler Slightly Douses the Apple TV Rumor Fire

Tech journalist MG Siegler started a nice little rumor fire burning last month, when he tweeted: “I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be *really* excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month.” Now, this weekend he has doused the flames of some of the expectations he gave life to, with a Tumblr post.

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MG Siegler’s Tumblr

Well, now I feel the need to pour a little — just a little, mind you — cold water on the rumor fire. While I still haven’t heard anything concrete, the most recent whispers I have heard is that the Apple TV project has been delayed a bit.

Siegler goes on to note that this doesn’t mean there won’t be some Apple TV related news at the event, we may see an updated unit, possibly with some bumped specs, but anything fancy, like a new control system or such, just isn’t ready for prime time.

Siegler holds back on theorizing when the next big thing with the Apple TV might be ready, seemingly sitting back to await word from Apple like the rest of us.