Jony Ive / Marc Newson Special RED Mac Pro Goes for $977K in Product (RED) Auction

Jony Ive / Marc Newson Special RED Mac Pro Goes for $977K in Product (RED) Auction

This weekend saw the Sotheby’s charity auction to benefit Product (RED). Four one-of-a-kind products designed by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson brought winning bids ranging from $461,000, (solid gold EarPods), to $1,805,000 (A special edition Leica camera).

Red Mac Pro


Most notably, the one-of-a-kind red Mac Pro designed by the duo was sold for $977,000, with the desktop computer originally estimated to sell at a max of $60,000. Additionally, the pair of solid gold Apple EarPods from the designers sold for $461,000 and was previously estimated to grab a max bid of $25,000. The special edition Leica camera and the one-of-a-kind aluminum desk sold for $1,805,000 and $1,685,000, with both originally estimated to sell at max prices of $750,000 and $500,000 respectively.


Also auctioned off were many other items curated by, and in some cases customized by, Ive and Newson. These included a customized red labeled magnum of Dom Perignon 1966, and a Steinway & Sons grand piano. Those items went for $93,750, and $1,925,000.


The total brought in for the Product (RED) charity at the special event came to almost $13 million. Apple has raised more than $65 million for the charity since 2006.

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