As iOS Users Warm to Apple Maps, Google’s Maps Are Left Out in the Cold

As iOS Users Warm to Apple Maps, Google’s Maps Are Left Out in the Cold

While Apple Maps didn’t exactly have a great start, with numerous bugs reported in its early months of life, new data from ComScore shows users have warmed up to the app, with Google Maps as the big loser.



Google Maps lost 23M iPhone users in the US alone in the last year, with similar numbers expected elsewhere.

The figures show that in September this year, 35M iPhone owners used Apple Maps, against just 6M for Google Maps – the latter including around 2M who were using older versions of iOS unable to run Apple Maps.

So, it appears that just like a camera, the best app is the one you have with you. And Apple Maps is on every device running iOS 6 or higher.

9to5Mac points out that this doesn’t bode well for other types of apps, such as streaming music apps. Sure, Pandora may have gotten a short-term bump in listeners from the iTunes Radio publicity, as it was probably mentioned in nearly every story about Apple’s new streaming music service, but how will Pandora fare in the long run?

What do you think readers? Is the best app for the job, the one you have handy? Will Google Maps continue to lose ground to Apple Maps on iOS? How will Google Map usage on Macs fare now that OS X 10.9 Mavericks includes Apple Maps? Please, share your opinions with us in the space below.