Indiegogo of the Week: ELEPHANT PIE- Elephant Dung Paper Products With A Purpose

Indiegogo of the Week: ELEPHANT PIE- Elephant Dung Paper Products With A Purpose

I don’t know how many times I’ve said to myself, “Self, why aren’t there more paper products made out of elephant dung?” Well, someone has read my mind, as this week’s featured Indiegogo project is ELEPHANT PIE- Elephant Dung Paper Products With A Purpose.

From the Elephant Pie website:

Elephants are some of the most intelligent and emotionally complex animals on Earth. Elephants are important because they are a keystone species: without them, entire ecosystems cease to exist.

But today elephants are in danger and it is the last chance we have to save them. With one elephant being killed for its ivory tusks every 15 minutes, almost 100 per day, these majestic, iconic creatures could be extinct within the decade.

Elephant Pie’s mission is to provide more income opportunities to inhabitants of African countries to help them realize that an elephant is worth more alive than it is dead.


How did Elephant Pie design the products?

Having developed the paper, we were faced with two challenges.

1. To develop products made from the dung paper that are practical & creative enough to ensure a continuous demand so as to make it possible for us to procure dung and pay the locals.

2. To make products that can spread awareness and educate people about the crisis at hand. 

Help us inspire locals to fight against the horrors of poaching to save the elephants! Don’t let us be on the wrong side of history. Make a stand and support this project by pledging, sharing the project with your friends and spreading awareness about the crisis.

Elephant Pie is offering various products that will both promote, and bring income to their effort.


Products include:

  • A Poly Resin Pen Holder, Vase, Business Card Holder, and Docking Station in the form of Greek goddess Artemis, the protector of wild animals. (Sadly, not made from elephant dung.)
  • Business Cards printed on elephant dung paper. (You will be remembered when you hand these babies out.)
  • Notebooks – Elephant Pie offers three beautiful journals: A Tribute to Qumquat; 10 Years Until Extinction; and Keep Calm and Go Vegan. Each journal is bound with a hard cover and is made of 100gsm elephant dung paper with a smooth, double-rolled finish. The journals are available in three page formats: both pages lined; one page lined and the opposing page blank; both pages blank. Each notebook is 100% vegan (just like elephants!) and measure 8.3”x 5.8”.
  • The My Elephant Activity Book – Contains a range of Creative Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring Pages, Stories, Word Searches etc, to help kids learn in a fun way.
  • Bookmarks – These adorable bookmarks are made of durable elephant dung cardboard and measure 4″ long. There are five sweet designs – three elephants and two trees – and come in two packs.
  • A Trip to Tanzania and the Elephant Pie Collection Center – This reward will give you an opportunity to experience a trip of a lifetime. A five day Safari will be provided by one of the top tourist companies in Tanzania along with a visit to Elephant Pie’s collection Center.
    This package includes air fare, accommodation, traveling & food.
  • A kit to make your own elephant dung paper. This mini version is designed with a few limitations keeping the environment and eco-system in consideration.

The rewards are available at various pledge levels, so be sure to visit the Elephant Pie website for all the information. Pledges start at $1, for a thank you on the Elephant Pie website, all the way up to $7,838 for a kit to make your own elephant dung paper.


This project is definitely one that bears looking at. Anything that can be done to help prevent the harvest of ivory from elephant deserves our support. For more information, visit the Elephant Pie website.

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