Forgotify: Listen to The 4M Songs on Spotify That No One Else Listens To

Forgotify: Listen to The 4M Songs on Spotify That No One Else Listens To

To be filed under “I did not know that!”: Out of the 20 million or so songs on Spotify, there are over 4 million songs no one has ever listened to before. At least that’s the hook “Forgotify” is using to drum up interest in their new online music service.



Dubbed Forgotify, the service launched this week and lets music fans stream a playlist of roughly 4 million “neglected” Spotify song. The site uses an embedded Spotify player and runs a program that searches for songs on Spotify with a zero popularity rating…

Forgotify’s Lane Jordan told Time that the program will be run on a daily basis, and it will remove any song that has been played, even just once, from the playlist.

When you’re streaming songs on Forgotify, you’ll see just one track at a time, and you can share it on social media, or (and I’m guessing this feature will get use a lot!) skip ahead to the next never-before listened to track.

I spent some time on the site, and listened to Kokil Kuhu Kuhu Bole by Vasant Prabhu – from the album “Ganga Jamuna Lata Asha.” So yeah, you can thank me later from screwing you out of the experience of hearing that one…

If you’ve got some time to waste, and some hearing left to damage, go on over to Forgotify and check it out. Seriously, it’s a cool concept, check it out.

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